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Basic Policy on the Protection of Personal Information (Privacy Policy)

The corporate mission of Keio Travel Agency Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Keio Travel") is "to promote harmonization with the local community, contribute to society, and become trusted by customers". The objective of Keio Travel's business is to provide services that satisfy customers. The corporate mission of Keio Corporation, which Keio Travel is affiliated with, is "to be the most trusted leading company". 

In addition to striving to achieve its corporate mission, Keio Travel's management believes that it is the company's societal responsibility to protect its customers' personal information. Keio Travel protects such information in accordance with the Basic Policy on the Protection of Personal Information of Keio Corporation as described below.


1.Keio Travel appropriately handles its customers' personal information. When Keio Travel requests its customers to submit their personal information, the company clearly states the purpose of use and utilizes such information only within the scope of the stated purposes. 

2.Keio Travel adequately and responsibly manages its customers' personal information within the company's personal information administrative structure. 

3.Keio Travel takes action to prevent leakage, loss, and falsification of personal information, and takes necessary safety measures accordingly. 

4.When Keio Travel provides its customers' personal information to third parties, it obtains customers' consent in advance, unless otherwise required by laws, and adequately provides only the minimum amount of such information to third parties. 

5.Keio Travel has established company regulations regarding protection of personal information and handling of it in accordance with various laws and regulations regarding personal information, and strives to observe them. 

6.Keio Travel conducts employee training and audits company regulations in order to ensure the company regulations regarding personal information are being observed. 

7.If customers request to have their personal information disclosed, Keio Travel will respond to their requests for disclosure, correction, suspension of use, etc. within a reasonably possible scope. 


Latest revision: May 8, 2020

 Keio Travel's policy regarding personal information 
■Personal information we request
[Travel business]
Types of personal information such as names, telephone numbers, postal addresses, e-mail addresses, gender, birth dates, etc., that are necessary for us to provide you with travel-related services. 
[Insurance business]
Types of personal information such as names, telephone numbers, postal addresses, e-mail addresses, gender, birth dates, etc., that are entered in application forms for insurance, when binding insurance contracts, etc. 
■Adequate and appropriate collection and management of personal information
We appropriately collect and manage your personal information using adequate means.
■Purpose of use of personal information 
We utilize personal information submitted by you at the time of application for traveling and/or insurance policies as follows. 
[Travel business]
Personal information is used, to the extent necessary, for the purpose of contacting you as well as applying for and finalizing accommodation and transportation services. Personal information is also used to develop better travel products and to recommend travel product information to you. In addition, personal information is imperative when asking you for opinions, feedback, questionnaires, offering special privilege services, creating survey materials, sending e-mail newsletters, etc. Personal information related to the above-mentioned travel business will not be used for any other purposes.
[Insurance business]
Personal information submitted by you, when we take on an insurance solicitation assignment on consignment from insurance companies, is used within the scope necessary to execute business required to offer non-life and life insurance and services associated with them. We have business relationships with multiple insurance companies, and may use your personal information obtained for one company to suggest products and services of other companies to you. Personal information related to the above-mentioned insurance business will not be used for any other purposes. 
■Regarding voluntary provision of personal information
Submission of personal information is voluntary, however, it is necessary for making travel arrangements. Please note that we may not be able to provide smooth and accurate services if personal information is not submitted.
■Procedure of disclosure, correction, suspension of use, etc. of personal information 
If you wish to have your personal information disclosed, corrected, added to, deleted, its use suspended, etc. please contact the following inquiries desk. We will promptly respond to such requests upon confirming the identity of the individual(s) making the requests. If all or part of your requests cannot be complied with, explanations will be provided. 
■Website security
Personal information that you submit when accessing our website is maintained under a secure data management system. Your personal information is stored on a database and protected from unauthorized access by a firewall and other measures. Only a limited number of our employees have access rights to this database, which is administered using passwords for privacy protection and security purposes.
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■General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the EU

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the EU is described on the following page of our website.


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